Casting for Disney co-stars and Supporting Roles

Casting for co-stars and supporting roles is in progress in L. A. , and extra casting will occur in Salt Lake, where the majority of shooting will happen. Emmy prize winning Don Schain will produce under the banner of his company "Salty Pictures".


Don Schain has produced all 3 of Disney's "school Musical" movies in addition to roughly eighteen other Disney Channel Original Pictures .


Schain is also the president of the Motion Picture organisation of Utah.


The Disney Channel family / teenager comedy "Good Luck Charlie" reaches across generations and characterizes an evolutionary step that really embeds the family into Disney's kid-driven family brand.


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Walt Disney Imagineering has turned its sights to the next highly-anticipated opening: The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, coming soon in 2011 to Disney California Adventure. In this video, Imagineer Lisa Girolami takes you behind the curtain (or under the waves) to give you a first look at Ariel’s world. From the drawing board to the incredible scenery, this is an attraction sure to make a splash with guests.

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Wish to see me tap dance?
FHence what does the actor have to do to land a part?

Auditions are when actors perform in some way for the creative team of the show, to show that they're right for a certain part. The same applies for shoes and attire.

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The spectacle befit a ship brimming with innovative "wows" including gallery art that comes alive, the first water coaster aboard a cruise ship, Magical Portholes that provide inside staterooms with a real-time ocean view, a full-blown shipboard fireworks show, personal interaction with animated characters, play floors like gigantic video games, and original Broadway-style stage spectaculars.


Disney Cruise Line revolutionized the cruise industry with ships designed especially for families, and the Disney Dream elevates the experience taking family entertainment to new heights. The result is a cruise experience that caters to each and every guest while enthralling all of them.


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